Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tracing Materiality

Tracing Materiality is a project and exhibition by Sydney based artists Gillian Lavery, Renuka Fernando and Kath Fries. Exploring expanded drawing practices, moving beyond drawing as representation, to focus on materiality and mark making. The artists’ process-based approaches are open-ended, improvisational and unfolding, taking place live within the gallery over the exhibition’s duration to open up the inner workings of process-based drawing practice to the audience.

This project will emphasise the drawing process valued above the end result by engaging meditative but not premeditated forms, transforming the gallery into an active environment where thinking, making and play are accessible to the viewer. Working throughout the gallery space, utilizing the various surfaces of the walls, floors, windows and corners, the artists’ work will develop and evolve resulting in a survey of different mark making approaches of expanded drawing and process-based practices.

Gillian Lavery will be working on a performative wall drawing informed by textile practice, exploring the space between a pencil line and a line of thread and the relationship between drawing and textiles in their approach to materiality and mark making.

Renuka Fernando will be making large-scale drawings installations considering the drawing as acts of connection to the material world. Actively seeking the threat of the unexpected she makes work larger than her body allowing accident and happenstance to play a leading role.

Kath Fries will explore tactile and sensory engagements with materiality, and how this embodied process can conjure attentiveness to present time, by working on beeswax and paper, with scratching translucencies, changing natural light and shadows, and the beeswax’s aromatic presence.

Tracing Materiality: 5 March - 20 March 2016

ArtistsGillian Lavery, Renuka Fernando & Kath Fries

Chrissie Cotter Gallery: Pidcock Street, Camperdown NSW

Opening event: Sun 6 March 6-8pm

MOST continuous drawing: Sat 5 & Sun 6 March 2-4pm

Finissage & discussion panel: Sun 20 March 2-4pm

Gallery open: Thurs to Sun 11am - 4pm