Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Kath Fries - beeswax on paper experiments

I've been working with beeswax as a sculptural material over the past few years, fascinated by the texture, viscosity, history and metaphorical potential of this material. Recently I've been exploring different ways of applying beeswax to sheets of paper by heating, cooling and marking it to extend the translucency and malleability of this material. I plan to expand my experiments into large installation pieces for our upcoming exhibition. But in the meantime, I thought I'd share a few photos of my studio experiments. 
Kath Fries

Kath Fries, Beeswax on paper - translucency, studio experiment 2015

Kath Fries, Beeswax on paper - peelstudio experiment 2015

Kath Fries, Beeswax on paper - cracksstudio experiment 2015

Kath Fries, Beeswax on wall and tree branch studio experiment 2015